Beach Portrait Tips

Helpful tips for your Hilton Head Beach Portrait session:

  1. Book Early in the Week
    If you have young children, please consider booking early in the week.  Remember that your children are sleeping in strange beds & are often off schedule while on vacation; by the end of the week they can be overtired.
  2. Well Rested & Fed
    If possible try to get your children to rest quietly or nap in the afternoon before your session.  Also, plan to give them a snack about an hour before your session to keep their energy level up!
  3. Limit Pool Time
    Try to limit pool time in the afternoon before your session if the chemicals in the water bother your children’s eyes.  Red, irritated eyes will be visible in closeup portraits!
  4. Sunscreen
    Please remember to use sunscreen during your vacation, especially under the eyes.  A bad sunburn can make even the happiest child cranky!
  5. Tan Lines
    Be wary of tan lines when sunbathing before your session.  It is difficult to minimize/remove tan lines from images when hair, clothing and jewelry lay on them.
  6. No Lotion
    While it looks nice to have a healthy sheen to your skin, lotions will cause the sand to stick to your hands, arms and legs.  Please do not apply sunscreen or lotion while getting ready for your session.  Sand-coated skin is not the most flattering look!
  7. Hair
    I can control a lot of things but I can’t control whether or not it will be breezy during your session.  Plan to use headbands, barrettes, hair elastics, etc. and you won’t have to worry about trying to keep hair out of faces.
  8. Dresses & Skirts
    Be aware of skirt length.  Your session will include a variety of poses including seated portraits.  Super short dresses and skirts make it challenging to keep things hidden!
  9. Ruffles
    It is often windy on the beach which can make it hard to keep ruffles flat. You might want to bring two-sided tape, sticky straps or safety pins to keep any ruffles flat!
  10. Men’s Shirts
    If you plan to wear a collared dress shirt, please use a button-down so that the collar will stay flat if it is windy (polo shirts are fine as they have heavier collars).
  11. Colors & Patterns
    Don’t be afraid of colors and patterns!  White is not always the most flattering color on people so you may wish to pick a fun pattern for one family member then use solid colors to compliment it.
  12. No Gum
    It may seem obvious but please don’t chew gum or let your children chew gum during your session.  No matter how hard you try to hide it, it usually shows up in portraits.
  13. Purses & Personal Items
    Please do not bring purses and expensive personal items such as sunglasses and phones to your beach portrait session.  These items are not needed and often end up being a distraction; you will need to keep an eye on them so they do not get stolen which can make it hard to focus on your session!  Cell phones stuffed in front pockets leave unsightly bulges plus sand/water and cell phones do not mix well. If you prefer to bring a phone, make sure it fits securely in a back pocket.

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